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Hair wholesale


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icon-10 Natural Slavic hair at wholesale prices from the manufacturer!
icon-2 If you buy more than 1 kg get a discount on hair capsulation!
icon-3 Buy uncolored hair at wholesale prices and get Blondie hair! provided if you will give us to coloring for 130$ – 1 kg
icon-4 Hair coloring dates 5 – 14 days.
icon-5 Become an authorized distributor of the patented brand of Slavic hair – COSMOHAIR! You have to buy hair more than 8000$ per month and all the customers in your region are forwarded directly to you!
icon-6 Sending of finished goods is carried out on the day of the order anywhere in the world.
icon-7 You can pay upon receipt
icon-8 We work with the PAY PAL payment system that guarantees the reliability of the supplier.
icon-9 We have all necessary certificates and licenses confirming the quality and environmental safety of our product.

The company COSMOHAIR offers natural Russian Slavic hair at wholesale prices.

  • Here you can buy coloured hair cuts for subsequent painting.
  • We offer colored hair Slavic type in slices.
  • Hair completely ready-to-build on keratin capsule.
  • The whole assortment of hair we have and we are ready to ship your order within one to two days to anywhere in the world.
  • At COSMOHAIR you can buy coloured hair and hand them to us on colouring, this service for our clients to cost 110 $. for colouring 1 kg. raw materials.

If you decide to buy hair wholesale, then offer to place an order or call us at the phone +1 786 368 01 00 (US)

Unprocessed raw hair wholesale (* the offer is valid till 30.10.2016)

19 inch    $ /   2.2 pounds
23 inch   $ /   2.2 pounds
27 inch  $ /   2.2 pounds
31 inch  $ /   2.2 pounds

Russian Slavic hair in wholesale

19 inch   $ /    2.2 pounds           different colors
23 inch  $ /    2.2 pounds          different colors
27 inch  $ /    2.2 pounds          different colors
31 inch  $ /    2.2 pounds          different colors
 If you have any queries, call us at +1 (786) 368-01-00 or mobile phone +7 (911) 275-40-90 also you can find us (What’sApp/ Viber)


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