South Russian hair

This refers to the hair from the Transural regions and Central Asia Russian Republics. It normally has the length of 80-90 cm, as women in these areas still stick with the tradition to wear their hair long and braided.

This type is slightly rougher, the hairs are thicker and stronger, and as a rule of dark colors, but modern technologies allow us to get nearly any color you like. Because of how strong the hair is, the extensions can undergo 2-3 correction procedures, which means this hair will last you at least half a year.

South Russian hair won’t suit you if your own hair is very thin, soft and brittle. This hair type can use any extension method, and the cost is considerably lower compared to Slavic hair – by 30-40%. South Russian hair became available quite recently, but because of the affordable price and high quality it became extremely popular in no time. The hair is good for experimenting with different hairstyles.

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