Payment and delivery

  1. We accept various payment methods. Individual buyers might choose to use PayPal, Western Union, MasterCard, VISA.
  2. In case you are a business and looking to buy wholesale, there is an option of entering into contract with us and pay the invoice as it comes (USD/EUR).
  3. Before dispatching your order we make sure we enclosed all necessary customs papers such as the certificates of conformity ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 that verify our products are eco-friendly and of top quality.



  1. We ship all over the world. The couriers we use are DIMEX, PONY EXPRESS, DHL, EMS and others.
  2. After the payment has been processed, it takes 1-4 days to prepare your order for shipment depending on the size of the order and the items it includes.
  3. After the order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number to track its journey.
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