Human hair is a unique product, and true Russian, Slavic hair even more so. It comes in many forms – wavy, curly, fuzzy, smooth – but at the same time Slavic hair tends to be very light, strong, and soft. For this reason, Russian Slavic hair is valued all around the world as a truly premium product.

We offer you hair in its most natural form – that is, naturally washed and dried, looking exactly like it will when you use it. The more the hair you’ve selected resembles your own, the more natural your extensions will look.

Our professional pack includes 20 tapes. For one round of extensions, we advise you to use two or even three packs. Most of our clients have uneven hair colour, often dyed or highlighted. In such cases, an experienced hair stylist will suggest using hair of not one but two or even three different shades, so that the colour of extensions matches that of the client’s own hair perfectly.

As a rule, after adding the extensions, the stylist will give the client a so-called blending haircut. It is done to ensure a smooth transition from the client’s shortest hairs, which are found on the top part of the head and remain unchanged, to the long extensions. The stylist will create a lightly stepped shape,shortening the extensions that are fixed to the top part of the head and on temples. Thanks to this procedure, the client’s own shorter hair will not look like a hairy hat placed on top of the extensions.

Our extensions are beautifully and stylishly packed and can become a great gift or part of a sleek boutique store window; quality Slavic hair in an expensive-looking packaging will always be well received.

Unlike hair offered by other companies, our clip-in Slavic hair extensions come in very convenient sets. Each set includes 7 pieces: 2pcs-13cm, 2pcs-9cm,1pc-6cm, 2pcs-3cm. This means that you won’t need to buy a bunch of hair of the same length just to cut half of it later. You will be able to pick the right length of extensions for each zone to create the desired shape and guarantee a completely smooth transition from your own hair to your new extensions.

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