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Commercial processing and dyeing

COSMOHAIR does commercial processing and dyeing of natural highest quality Russian hair for both, our own use, as well as our clients all over the world.

We specialize in producing various hair colors including the most sought-after blonde shades, as well as slightly less popular darker and brunette color shades. Our dyeing techniques are very different from those used in Southeast Asia. COSMOHAIR opts for alternative dyes that allow us to prevent the hair from getting burnt. We do not apply silicon on our hair products – instead we make sure to preserve the natural hair cuticles to give the hair that natural shininess.


The hair processed at COSMOHAIR will keep its color over the time and can be used multiple times without losing its shine or fading.

The procedure of commercial processing and dyeing consists of a few stages:


  • The hair roots are pulled together at an even level with a special chain stitch machine;
  • The next step is applying a special chemical solution that prepares the hair for bleaching;
  • The hair gets bleached to the desired color;
  • Toning followed by dyeing into the desired shade;
  • Then we comb through the hair while it’s still wet;
  • The product is sent to a special dryer to make sure the freshly dyed hair dries evenly;
  • Once the hair is dry, our experts put the hair together making sure the color is even all through the blend;
  • The hair gets sewn together into bundles;
  • The bundles are washed with a special shampoo, after which the final product is placed in a special room where it dries naturally at a certain temparature;
  • The hair gets separated into strands and prebonded with keratin tips;
  • The prebonded strands are sent to our packaging


Pathways to become a COSMOHAIR’s partner:

  • By becoming an authorized COSMOHAIR distributor in your area and buying our products directly from the manufacturer;
  • In case you are a brand owner, COSMOHAIR can process Russian hair for you and organize the desired packaging (your brand’s packaging);
  • By buying unprocessed raw hair directly from our warehouse (1 kg minimum).

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Money transfers into our account in US dollars or Euro in accordance with the contract;
  • Card payments (Visa/MasterCard);
  • Western Union or PayPal transfers.
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