myths about clip-in hair extensions

3 myths about clip-in extensions

We’ve heard all sorts of tales about clip-in extensions in the past ten or fifteen years. Some believe that extensions can harm and even damage one’s natural hair. Others have become completely disappointed with this beauty trend after having extensions applied by a poorly qualified stylist. Yet others simply chose a method that was wrong for them and, even worse, used cheap, low-quality extensions. In this articles, we are going to dispel the main myths about clip-in extensions.

Myth 1: Hot fusion extensions damages hair

Simply think of the stress that your hair undergoes during heat styling: it is dried, straightened, curled. The effect of the tiny iron used for applying extensions is nothing compared to that. One could just as well say that using a hair dryer once a week will kill one’s hair. The heat is applied for a few instants only, so it cannot cause any real harm to healthy hair.

Tip! Any residual damage caused by heat can be eliminated by special regenerative treatments that you can do at a salon or at home.

Myth 2: Once you get extensions, your own hair will start falling out

Let’s start with a scientific fact: an average person loses circa 100 hairs per day, and blondes lose up to 150! When extensions are taken off, only those of your own hairs will fall out that you would lose naturally anyway. Extensions keep part of the hairs that have already fallen out in place – that’s why it may seem that you lose lots of hair when they are removed. It’s just an illusion.

To avoid any issues, follow these tips given by experienced stylists:

– DON’T go to sleep with wet hair

– DON’T apply hair masks to the spots where clip-ins are attached to your hair

– DON’T skip your maintenance appointments

– DON’T try to remove the extensions yourself

– DON’T dye your extensions at home and don’t let an unexperienced stylist do it

Only use a special comb and braid your hair before going to sleep.

As long as you follow these simple rules and take proper care of your hair, clip-in extensions won’t do you any harm.

Myth 3: Clip-ins are very uncomfortable to wear

Quality clip-ins that use natural hair are always small and perfectly smooth, so that neighbouring hair doesn’t get caught in them. The size of clip-ins matters when it comes to comfortable sleep: small ones won’t irritate the skin on your head and at the same time won’t be too heavy for your own hair.

And here are a few more tips in conclusion:

Choose Slavic hair – it is easiest to care for.

Pick the color and structure that imitate your own hair as closesly as possible: this way you won’t have to dye your extensions and worry about selecting matching care products.

Wash your hair while standing and keep the water pressure low in order not to damage the extensions.

Have a great hair day every day!

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