Hair extension methods

Russian hair manufactured by COSMOHAIR can be used for all existing hair extension methods!

The number of women who decide to get hair extensions is increasingly huge today. The service is extremely popular, especially since it fixes so many problems and gives you long beautiful hair in a matter of hours. There are many methods, each of them is unique in its own way and has its pros and cons. No matter which one you choose, it will make your dream of gorgeous long hair come true.

The French method is quite popular around the world. It uses a special glue which can be mixed with special dyestuff in order to conceal the areas where the strands are attached to natural hair of a different color. The technique is safe and resolves a number of problems. The special composition of the glue allows your extensions to last longer. When using this system, you can adjust the thickness of strands, which makes it possible to try out all sorts of hairstyles. The only downside of the technique – it’s not seawater or high temperature resistant.   

The Italian method is just as popular and sometimes even more practical and convenient than the French one. The method consists in hot fusion hair extensions with the use of special gum. The substance is heated till it’s melted and used as glue to bond the best high-quality strands in small sets with your natural hair. It creates small capsules in the bonding spots. The capsules ensure the strands don’t come off making your extensions last longer without damaging your hair. You won’t notice them when combing your hair and the process of removing the capsules is quick and easy. Such extensions will last up to 6-7 months, which is quite impressive.   

The English method is a hot fusion method too, that takes a few hours. A special organic substance that is heated to a certain temperature is used to glue the strands. The substance is then applied with a special tool creating small grains on the butts of extensions. The grains are almost unnoticeable and won’t disturb you. The extensions are bonded with your natural hair. The method is safe and the entire procedure takes about 3 hours, which is not that long. This method makes getting some more strands added or getting a few removed from different parts of your head any time. The English and Italian methods have a lot in common but each of them has its own peculiarities. The only downside of the English method is that you comb a bit of the extensions out every time you brush your hair.

The Spanish method is similar to the French one. The same small drops of adhesive substance keep the strands attached to your natural hair. The method allows touching up the extensions by adding or removing hair strands, which is its main upside. The downside is that such extensions

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