Russian hair barrette


Clip-in hair is a set of hair strands with clips attached. One set includes 7 pieces of different width (for different areas). With a high-quality product that matches your own hair properly, nobody will ever tell the difference. Clip-ins can be used at home and do no harm to your hair.




At COSMOHAIR you can purchase natural clip-in hair of all possible colors and lengths (Silver or Standart class). The two available clip-in categories are different in volume and the density of the hair ends.

The ends of the Silver hair are denser. The Standart hair weighs about 80 grams, whereas the Silver clip-ins – 120 grams. Our products boast the following features:

  • no synthetic additives;
  • last up to 5 years;
  • can be curled or straightened;
  • thick strands from roots to ends;
  • strands  of high volume that weigh 120 grams and more;
  • neat and premium-quality weft seams;
  • the clips are made of stainless steel with a silicone cushion that are safe for your scalp;

-the clips are the same color as the extensions, which makes them completely invisible.



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