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COSMOHAIR was born in 2011, and ever since has gained the reputation of a reliable supplier of hair extension products. Our professional staff members are one of the best ones in Russia, and our services are available in Estonia, Norway, Israel and Russia. Throughout the years of the brand’s existence, COSMOHAIR has built a strong clientele, gained numerous returning regular customers, launched raw hair extension processing and dying, as well as started a new activity of raw hair collecting and bulk selling.

We understand that the market is fast paced, so we are trying to keep up and improve, finding new objectives, modernize the outdated technologies, and opening up new horizons. Our long-term plans include developing new innovative technologies and their promotion to the Russian and international markets.

COSMOHAIR is a confident and rock-solid brand that boasts high competence at what it does, and thousands of our happy clients are our best reward.



Best regards,

Founder of the COSMOHAIR brand, Olga Dorokhova

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